Tips on Living a Purposeful Frugal Life


What do you think when you think of the word frugal? Cheap, poor, unhappy, miserable, etc.? Being frugal is not fun. If you are a frugal person that means you don’t buy much versus a non-frugal person who spends every penny they have. Frugal is a misunderstood word. Just because you are frugal does not mean that you have to live without the things you want. According to an article, being a frugal person does not have to be something you are forced to live. In fact, if you purposefully live a frugal lifestyle then when you want something you will actually have the money to get it versus the other way around where you will likely be using your credit card. When you spend less money, you will have more when you actually need it. This is frugal living with a purpose. By being frugal it gives you more freedom and flexibility and you don’t have to be stressing over money all of the time. Some of the ways that you can easily live a frugal lifestyle without cramping your style include: setting up automatic bank transfers so that you are not tempted to spend the money, making a savings plan, making strategic cuts in your current lifestyle, and opening up a savings account.

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Another September Birthday

Today, my husband woke up to his XX birthday. He calls it another year to enjoy God’s mercy and endless blessings and I agree. I offered for a dine out yesterday because he has a class today and so our time together as a family will only be after school but he graciously declined saying he would rather eat at our humble kitchen because his wife’s cooking is a lot better than any restaurant’s menus and although he of course is biased on that, I just obliged as I am still off of work today.

In other words, I managed to cook our meal and steamed a special rice cake as his birthday cake.

Image may contain: food

It definitely is one memorable birthday for him.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, food

I can only pray for more wonderful years with this man I am blessed to call my husband. Life has been awesome with him by my side and I thank God every day for him.


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